Au Contraire Mon Frère

I am tired of the finger pointing and name calling used in conjunction with the arguments concerning homosexual marriage.

The debate will continue for the rest of the human age because it is counter to moral law, but some groups will never be able to come to grips with the fact that homosexual marriage will eventually be tolerated, but never fully accepted.

So, the homosexual crowd takes to the airwaves, the TV, the newspapers, and the internet making accusations that are completely false and throwing solid Catholics and Christians under the bus for following their God-given rights as Americans.

For example…

The homosexual says that, “The Priest Abuse Scandal has nothing to do with homosexuality.”

Au Contraire Mon Frère

Everyone will agree that even one instance of child sexual abuse is horrendous, but if gender plays no part in child sexual abuse wouldn’t the numbers come out to be a little closer to 50-50?

Better yet, since females are more integrated into church life wouldn’t the numbers logically be skewed towards the female gender?

Problem is…they are not.

According to the 2004 John Jay Report, about 81% of the abused children were male.

That makes a vast majority of the sexual abuse male on male, and thus, the logical person, and rightfully so, is led to believe that it is a homosexual problem.

In matter of fact, I know of one former priest who left the priesthood because of all this sexual impurity and now lives many states away with a “partner,” thus solidifying the obvious.

The homosexual says, “The Church has done nothing about the abuse scandal and has no moral ground to comment on sexual impurity.”

Au Contraire Mon Frère

The Church, the body of Christ, is made up of humans.

As humans, we are weak, and we make mistakes; but we have an ingrained moral compass.

Today, many dioceses and parishes have enacted many programs such as Virtus and Protocol that educate church leaders, parents, and kids.

These programs contain so many hurdles, strict rules, and regulations that the education of proper behavior between adults and children has greatly increased and the actual impure sexual abuse behaviors have greatly decreased.

What is so greatly misunderstood is that most of the impure homosexual abuse allegations occurred during the Sexual Revolution of the late 60’s to the early 80’s.

This means that a vast majority of the allegation claims are from many generations past, and they are so far back that almost half the priests being accused are already deceased.

Since the enactment of these programs, there have only been a handful of new allegations.

Again, any allegation is one too many, but the numbers are very low compared with the rest of society. (

2005    9 new accusations in all of the United States
2006    14 new accusations in all of the United States
2007    4 new accusations in all of the United States
2008    10 new accusations in all of the United States
2009    6 new accusations in all of the United States
2010    8 new accusations in all of the United States
2011    7 new accusations in all of the United States
2012    6 new accusations in all of the United States

I think the Church has done plenty to change its admitted problem.

The homosexual says, “This is a civil rights issue and we must have equality just like occurred with the civil rights movement.”

Au Contraire Mon Frère

There are homosexuals living in our communities, we have homosexuals as friends, and there will always be homosexual people.

This is a fact.

But the bottom line is that Homosexual “Marriage” will never become accepted; it will be tolerated, but never accepted.


By basic human nature, it is impure.

My kids see no differentiation based on the color of someone’s skin.

They know that people have different colors of skin, but they also naturally know that it is not impure to have a different color of skin.

On the other hand, when all the Supreme Court rulings over DOMA and Prop 8 were handed out, I was watching the reports on TV.

My kids came in and asked what was going on.

I tried to explain the best I could about the events, and they replied, “Daddy, that doesn’t even make sense. Everybody knows that boys like girls and girls like boys.”

Without ever being taught anything about the “birds and the bees,” they know.

Kids naturally know right from wrong.

They know that it is natural to have different skin colors, and they know that it is natural that a man marries a woman.

Homosexual marriage and the Civil Rights Movement are two totally different things.

By human nature alone, there will always be a vast majority of people who will see homosexual activities as impure and gross.

The homosexual declares that, “Christians are bigots toward homosexuals.”

Au Contraire Mon Frère

Actually, that is backwards.

Homosexuals are bigots toward devout Christians.

Bigotry is based from hate.

The devout Christian is taught to love and pray for their enemies.

Disagreeing with a group of people and trying to share the teachings of Christ is not hatred.

Christians may disagree with homosexuals, but do not hate homosexuals.

But homosexuals hate the devout Christians.

Homosexuals pound devout Christian message boards with hate speech, show up at very public ceremonies with vulgar protests, and bombard newspaper editorials with comments filled with pointing-fingers.

Which group has taken the road of hate?

Which group is truly the bigot?

The homosexual says, “How does it feel to be on the losing side of history?”

Au Contraire Mon Frère

Actually, many moons from now when the dust has settled, the fog has lifted from our generation, and moral enlightenment has returned to the people, the future history books will discuss two major things:
1. how could such an advanced society endorse such perverse and impure sexual unions
2. how could such an advanced society endorse the murder of so many children in the womb

and how these two decisions and actions led to the spiraling downfall of humanity.

The homosexual community feels unequal or treated as second class citizens because marriage benefits have never passed to them.

If a partner is ill in the hospital, visitation rights are limited.

If one passes, property does not pass to the other like in traditional marriage.

When taxes are computed, homosexual couples do not qualify for the marriage tax break.

This can all be solved with a Secular Civil Union.

A Secular Civil Union has all the benefits of marriage as it pertains to the couple.

I do have a problem with homosexual marriage.

If homosexuals are considered married, then when the public schools address sexual education, the family unit, and basic human relations equal representation must be given to the homosexual lifestyle.

I don’t agree with it, but it is coming.

While I do feel that no kid should ever be bullied or made to feel like a second class citizen just because of homosexuality, in the same light, no parent should have their children forced to be exposed to the gross and immoral world of homosexuality.

Schools should remain pure.

Imagine two homosexual men adopting a little boy.

Imagine two homosexual men adopting a little girl.

Imagine two homosexual women adopting a little girl.

Imagine two homosexual women adopting a little boy.

Just seems improper, impure, and un-natural.

In summary, the homosexual says, “You have no moral ground to make a statement, look at the priest abuse scandal of your own church. We should have equal marriage rights because our cause is just like the cause of the civil rights movement; and if you don’t support us, then it is because you are a bigot and you will end up on the wrong side of history.”

Au Contraire Mon Frère

I live in America, land of the free and home of the brave.

I have the right to religious freedom, and I will use that right to follow Jesus Christ.

I also have the right vote according to my religious beliefs, and I also have the right to teach my children what is morally right and what is morally wrong based on my religious convictions.

I may someday fall into the minority of secular history, but that does not automatically put me on the wrong side of history.

Secular law does not move the needle of the moral compass, and that is why homosexual marriage will be tolerated, it will be secular law, but never fully accepted because it is not moral law.


Brother Pilgrim

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